Our Values

Freewallet is a business

The development is financed by the group of private investors. Although Freewallet's apps are and will always be free to use, we are planning to add some monetization features later. Currently we are developing legal infrastructure to empower Freewallet apps with fiat currencies and financial insurances.

We support freedom

We support anonymity and decentralized vision. Moreover, we support freedom of choice. That's why we think that both decentralized and centralized solutions should find it's audience.

Reputation is important

Customer support and ongoing development are what we are investing in Freewallet as a company. And that’s what standing behind our reputation. Some minor incidents may occur, but we are constantly developing our products to prevent any risks in future.

We are oriented to majority

With about 50k customers who have tried Freewallet apps, we’ve collected important feedback to produce market-oriented solutions. We are testing every feature to fit the mass-user requirements. Some solutions are not typical for the blockchain ideology, but that’s what we need to do to make blockchain available for the masses.

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