Why didn't I receive funds after the exchange?

Thank you for using the smart exchange of cryptocurrencies in the app powered by our partner Changelly.com! Normally, all exchanges go smoothly, however, in rare cases, something can go wrong, be it a technical issue, or simply the market is overflowed with transactions. In such cases, we contact our exchange partner and request a refund for you.

Your transaction will be refunded, no questions. However, in order to make a refund, our colleagues at Changelly have to manually access every address associated with your account and then send your coins back. Quite a cumbersome process, we ask you to be patient.

Our partner currently has thousands of support tickets waiting for a reply. Refund requests are being processed slowly, however, refunds are delivered every day. To get a realistic idea of the time frame for your refund to be completed, please see our Terms of Use.

Our exchange provider is the best on the market, and we are not going to stop using their services. Here’s what we can and will do:

  1. Ping our partner every day to proceed with refunds faster.
  2. We’ve created a list of refunds to do exclusively for our users. Yours is there as well.
  3. We are going to create an alternative exchange service to be in control and resolve such cases ourselves. Such exchanges will be instant and refundable.

We would like to apologize for a delay in the response from Freewallet and our exchange provider’s support. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to operate faster at the moment. We won’t be able to hire more supporters in a single day.

It’s not easy because we are not an ordinary service. We are extraordinary! But even extraordinary services can’t resolve 10000 tickets a day. We would very much appreciate your patience and understanding!

Read more information about the high load of blockchain-based companies here:


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