With Freewallet, your funds are safely stored offline in the cold storage with a bank-level security grade. We can guarantee no money can be lost or stolen from our secure offline vault.

We guarantee you access to your funds at any time. No need to transfer funds from the vault to your account. No additional fees or actions are required.

The address displayed in your app is a so-called "hot wallet" used for receiving transactions. Keeping the funds there as well as storing your private keys locally could be a risk because if the access to your device is compromised, it would give a hacker an opportunity to steal your assets.

That is why after you've received a transaction, the funds are moved to the cold storage. Whenever you need to make a transaction, your funds are transferred from the cold storage as well. Your actual balance is displayed in your app; what you see on a blockchain explorer is most likely an intermediary transfer of funds in/out of the cold storage. Please note that you aren't charged with any fees for such transactions.

Thanks to the cold storage technology, even if your phone gets lost or stolen, you can easily access your wallet using another device. There is just no safer way to manage any amount of coins, and there is no simpler way to achieve such an advanced level of security than using Freewallet.

We will provide you with long-term support and your funds will stay safe for as long as you need it.