To make your Freewallet account is as safe as possible, we added one more security measure. When you log in to your apps or web version of the wallet, you can find Active Sessions (under the Security tab).

Here you can see all your currently active sessions. You can find all the information about the devices and IP addresses which were used to log into your wallet.

In your active sessions you can find the following information:

- type of the client (web, iOS, Android);

- browser version for web sessions;

- type of the mobile device for mobile clients;

- country code;

- IP address;

- date and the time of the connection.

Also, you can stop all the sessions at once if you see that there is some alarming or suspicious activity.

After you do that, we recommend you to change your password immediately and enable additional safety measures, such as 2FA, email confirmation and limits for daily withdrawals.