2FA for login and for each transaction

As you might already know, we take security very seriously. But the access to your device and email can often be a security pitfall, as it is almost never protected enough. After careful consideration, we decided to take more action to avoid unauthorized access to your wallet by making 2FA mandatory.

Also, we are glad to present you an addition to our wide range of security tools - 2-Factor Authentication for each transaction.

To enable 2FA, simply go to Security > Account and select 2-factor authentication, then click 'Begin Setup'. After successfully linking 2FA to the app, you’ll be able to choose:

- enable/ disable 2-Factor Authentication for login (Confirm every login);

- enable/ disable 2-Factor Authentication for each transaction (Confirm every payout transaction).

It means that every time you make a transaction and/or log into your account, the app will require a unique code generated in an authenticator app.

Freewallet enables 2FA with an authenticator app on your phone. It can be Google Authenticator, Authy, or any other app of your choice. Please note that 2FA will be set in all of your Freewallet apps.

We strongly suggest that before enabling 2FA, you save the Secure 2FA key, take a screenshot of the QR code and keep them safe, preferably offline. If you ever lose your phone, storing your 2FA info will make it so much easier to restore access to your wallet.
You can find more information about 2FA here.

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