Freewallet support bot

Have you ever felt frustrated when you couldn’t find an answer to a simple question and had to waste your time to get in touch with support, read blogs, google it?

We have a solution - our Freewallet bot! Get your questions answered instantly. 

You can send your queries to our Bot in Telegram.

He’s an awesome buddy always growing and evolving.

But don’t forget, he’s not a human, so keep it simple and concise.

You can use these commands:

  • Start - Start your conversation with us
  • Stop - Stop the conversation
  • Status btc - type this command + currency to get the status of this coin
  • Call human - submit a support ticket
  • Convert - use this command to view the current exchange rate of currency.

If he doesn’t get you, he’s only a bot. Don’t hesitate to use the command Call a human to get to one of our customer support specialists. We will review your request and get back to you shortly.

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